Maar agency Property advisor in spain and chile. buy BANUS LAZULI

Property search

We look for the property that most closely matches your investment profile.

We have specialized in understanding the needs of each investor, and making available to them, a portfolio of properties in which to choose the one that best suits each client. We have properties on the Mediterranean coast, in the main cities of Spain or in rural settings, each of which with different prices and returns.

Legal and Tax Advice

We have a multidisciplinary team, with legal experts.

We support our clients to carry out their investments in a safe way, accompanying them from the beginning of the operation. The Spanish tax structure, in form, is different from that of any other country. We will take care of explaining you how it is, and we help our clients to carry out their operations safely and without added costs.

Financial Advisory

Location, search and PROFITABILITY.

Because we also invest, we know what the client wants. Our main mission is to make investors’ operations more profitable. We specialize in understanding the investor’s profile and achieving the profitability you are looking for based on assets

Property administration and management

We manage the properties of our clients. We make it easier for you.

Within our services, for us it is key, the administration of the leases and management of operations within the houses. We do everything. We look for tenants, we carry out hiring, we give assistance to clients and we keep the properties in perfect condition.

Leases to students and expats

Are you coming to study or work in Spain? We look for the rental in the best areas.

It is not easy to go to Spain, and manage the rent from your country or arrive and have to find a place to live. We know it, we have lived it and our clients appreciate it. We support you to find the home that best suits your needs and we will manage the hiring with its owners.

Ad Hoc Services

We offer a turnkey service to our international clients.

Our commitment is to work based on the specific needs of each investor, jointly building a profitable and long-term project in Spain.

We are committed to the attractive Spanish real estate market, based on good market prices, national legal security, low tax pressure, and, also, for those looking for a second home, an unbeatable quality of life.