Non-Profit Visa Spain

Non-profit residence permit Spain

Would you like to live legally in Spain without working? Do you have 27,115 euros, plus 6,779 euros for each child?


In this case, you may be interested in obtaining a Non-Profit Residence permit. This type of residence is initially granted for one year. After this first year, you can choose to extend the Non-Profit Residence visa for another year. Foreigners must apply for residency through the consulate of their country of origin, and if approved, the applicant can legally reside in Spain for one year. We must consider that even if the residence is approved, the person does not have the right to carry out work activities.

Specifications for applying for Non-Profit Residence

  • Must not be an EU citizen
  • Cannot enter Spain in irregular circumstances
  • You must not have a criminal record in Spain or in the last 5 years where you have resided.
  • Not be banned from entering Spain
  • They must have sufficient financial means to cover the cost of accommodation and return travel, including, where appropriate, the cost of their family members.
  • You must have public or private health insurance (with the right to operate in Spain).
  • Not suffer from any pre-existing diseases that may affect Spanish public health.

How many financial resources must be accredited in order to apply for a Non-Profit Visa?

A very important consideration to bear in mind is that applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient financial capacity to apply for this residency.

  • For their monthly maintenance, 400% of IPREM in 2021 would be 27,115 euros.
  • For the maintenance of the other members of the family, 100% of the IPREM (6,779 euros) for each member.

How to apply for Non-Profit Residence?

In order to apply for Non-Profit Residence, the following documentation must be compiled:

  • Application form
  • Passport, which must be recognised as valid in Spain and valid for more than 1 year.
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Document accrediting their economic capacity during their stay in Spain.
  • Documentary evidence of health insurance

What is the deadline for receiving my resolution?

The resolution period is approximately three months. These three months are calculated from the day after “the competent authority has received the entry in its register”.

If the competent authority does not provide a solution after this deadline, it is understandable that the application has been rejected by administrative silence.

Advantages of the Non-Profit Residence

One of the advantages that we can obtain is the possibility of acquiring permanent residence (known as long-term residence) after 5 years. In addition, this time will be counted towards the application for Spanish nationality.

What restrictions are there?

  • It is not permitted to work
  • You cannot be outside Spain for a period of more than 180 days.

Are you interested in Non-Profit Residency? If you are interested in this procedure, please do not hesitate to contact the team of advisors at MaaR Agency Property Advisors in Spain. We will be happy to help you.